Maz & Co Accountants
and business advisors
2nd Floor - 14 St.Peters Street - Ipswich - IP1 1XB
Certified Public

We are a very local Firm.
Maz & Co Accountants is an independent Accountancy firm established in year 2000 in Ipswich. We successfully completed our 10 years in the Accountancy business. In the past ten years we acquired several clients, from Restaurant to Shops and individual professionals. We have a very friendly relationship with our clients where they can freely discuss their day-to-day business and tax issues in very confidential and friendly environment. Our aim is to support them to be successful in their businesses.  Even in the current economic situation 90 per cent our clients have revealed their positive business growth.
We are member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants (ACPA) UK.  We are an independent Accountancy firm dealing in house all our client’s accountancy, tax, vat, bookkeeping, company formation, and Tax investigations.  

We believe both are important.
If you choose us as your accountants, you will notice the difference immediately. Our services go way beyond preparing your company and personal accounts. We will also serve as professional business advisers dedicated to helping you achieve success.

Our Approach
Our general approach is to maintain regular contact with our clients throughout the year and our aim is to have intimate knowledge of our client’s current activities.

Our Focus
Our focus is upon the small business with the emphasis on tax; however we are easily available to discuss any issue, as we are professionally qualified to deal with any accounting matter.

Mohammad Abid